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Blockchain ADS service is a kind of service that helps companies to promote their products or services in the web3 world, which includes decentralized applications (dApps) based on blockchain and other decentralized Internet technologies. This type of service includes creating online advertising campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing tactics to drive traffic to the company’s dApps.

The Blockchain ADS service also includes buying ads on online advertising platforms that are especially popular with Web3 users, such as Twitter, Coinmarketcap, Coingeeko, Reddit, Blogs, among others. In addition, the service may include creating content for blogs and websites related to Web3, as well as participating in forums and online communities related to this area.

The aim of the Blockchain ADS service is to help companies attract more users to their dApps and increase brand awareness in the Web3 community. This can help companies stand out in an increasingly competitive market and get a return on their marketing investment.

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