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Campaign summary

Kannacoin is an innovative ESG token that aims to benefit degraded lands and enable people to invest in positive social and environmental impact using blockchain transparency. Live the Future Marketing Agency was engaged to develop and execute an effective marketing campaign that would raise awareness of Kannacoin and its value proposition, improve communication with users and drive the coin’s pre-launch. The main services provided by the agency were focused on Social Media, including improving the project’s communication with users, pre-launch strategies, such as the Airdrop, holding a pre-launch event in person and an action within the Descentraland metaverse .


Improvement of Communication on Social Media:
The Live the Future team developed an editorial calendar with frequent posts on Kanna’s social media. The posts included informative infographics, inspirational quotes, testimonials from the founders and project updates. Live streams and Q&A sessions were also held to engage users and answer their questions and concerns.

Pre-Launch Strategy:
The agency implemented a successful airdrop campaign where interested users could sign up and receive an initial amount of Kannacoins for free. To participate, they needed to share information about the currency on their social networks, increasing visibility and generating interest from potential investors.

In-person Pre-Launch Event:
Live the Future organized a face-to-face event in a strategic location, with an engaging and informative atmosphere. Speakers involved in the market were selected, who presented information about Kannacoin and its potential positive social and environmental impact. Agency staff were also on hand to provide additional information and answer questions.


Awareness: The marketing campaign significantly raised awareness of Kannacoin. Kanna’s social media following increased by 300% during the campaign period

User Engagement: The engaging content strategy resulted in increased user engagement with social media posts. The number of likes, comments and shares increased by an average of 200%, demonstrating a growing interest in the token.

Active Participation in the Pre-Launch: The pre-launch campaign, including the airdrop and the face-to-face event, attracted active participation from potential investors. The number of airdrop subscribers has surpassed initial expectations, indicating strong interest in the token. In addition, the face-to-face event was attended by more than 100 participants, who demonstrated a high level of interest and interaction during the lectures and Q&A sessions.

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Restructuring of the project’s social networks

Reach and follower growth after the first week

Meet-up held in Descentraland’s metaverse

Materials developed by our team

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