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Campaign summary

The Live the Future agency created and executed the Web3 in Summit marketing campaign, an action carried out during the Web Summit event in Rio de Janeiro in 2023. The objective of the campaign was to provide an immersive Web3 experience for participants who were not yet familiar with it. with that concept. The central strategy of the campaign was the creation of exclusive NFTs for each day of the event, with the opportunity to win prizes and giveaways through on-chain draws. In addition, an after event was held on Recreio beach to promote networking among participants.


Creation of NFTs and drawing:
We worked in partnership with digital artist Alexandre Duram to create the 4 unique NFTs. These NFTs were mined and made available free of charge to participants through a platform from our Mobiup partners. They used a smart contract on the blockchain to conduct the daily draws in a fair and transparent way. Participants who purchased the NFT of the day were automatically entered in the draw, which took place at the end of each day of the event.

Development and management:
Our design team developed a consistent and attractive graphic pattern, applying it to all promotional materials, from NFTs to social media posts. This ensured a unified and recognizable visual identity for Web3 in Summit. We developed a strategic landing page, where we direct all people with potential interest in the campaign. We create daily content for social media, including information about NFTs, sweepstakes, prizes and event details. We use engagement strategies and share experiences of participants.

After event at Recreio beach:
We organize the after event at Recreio beach, taking care of all the logistical aspects, such as space, decoration, catering and reception of guests. We provide a relaxed and conducive environment for networking among participants.


Engagement and participation: The Web3 in Summit campaign achieved high levels of engagement and participation. The number of people who acquired daily NFTs and participated in the draws was over 350 users, demonstrating their interest and curiosity about Web3.

Web3 Awareness: The campaign contributed to raising awareness of Web3 among event attendees. Many reported that the experience of owning and interacting with NFTs sparked their interest in learning more about the technology and its possibilities.

Networking and professional relationships: The after event at Praia do Recreio provided a conducive environment for networking among participants. Many professional connections were established, fostering lasting relationships and collaboration opportunities.

Media recognition: Live the Future and the Web3 in Summit campaign were cited by expert Guta Nascimento on her website as one of the highlights of the Web Summit, check out the article by clicking here.

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Juliana Silva


Visual identity developed for the campaign, access here

Delivery of physical campaign gifts to participants

Start of the after event right after the end of the Web Summit

Materials developed by our team

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