XCAD Network


Campaign summary

XCAD Network, an innovative blockchain-powered solution for content creators, has engaged marketing agency Live the Future to develop a marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness of its platform and expanding its online community. The agency proposed and implemented a community management strategy, involving the recruitment of YouTube influencers in Brazil and Latin America to be part of the project and the creation of a WhatsApp group to strengthen the relationship with the audience.


YouTuber Recruitment:
We identified and partnered with six popular YouTube influencers. They received detailed information about the XCAD Network and created content about the project

Carlos Feria
Ali Izquierdo
La Fenix
Rodrigo Correa

Creation of the Group and Landing Page:
An exclusive XCAD Network group has been created on WhatsApp for the user community. Influencers promoted group membership in their videos and encouraged their followers to participate in active discussions on the platform. We developed a Landing Page to do a pre-reception for all the fans that were captured.

WhatsApp Group Management:
The Live the Future agency took responsibility for managing the WhatsApp group, ensuring that interactions were friendly, respectful and informative. In addition, agency staff promptly responded to questions, provided technical support, and shared relevant updates and news about the XCAD Network.


Awareness: The marketing campaign resulted in a significant increase in awareness for the XCAD Network.

Launch: Lulu99 attended the project launch in Times Square, NY.

Community: The group had +900 members on Whatsapp, facilitating the communication and understanding of the fans about the project.

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Juliana Silva


Lulu99 live at NY project launch

Result achieved in the first hour of community opening

XCAD Network being announced on the screen in Times Square

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