Regionalization of international projects

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Regionalization of international projects

Expand the reach of your Web3 project to the Brazilian market

We offer a complete regionalization service for foreign Web3 projects for Brazil, which involves adapting the project to meet the needs and expectations of Brazilian users, it includes:

Translation: We translate the project’s content, including texts, audios and videos, into Brazilian Portuguese.

Cultural adaptation: We adapted the project to suit the cultural norms and expectations of the Brazilian public. This may include adjustments to aspects such as the layout, graphics and tone of voice used.

Resource localization: We identify and provide local resources relevant to the project, such as images, music and videos.

Optimization for search engines: We optimized the project for the main search engines used in Brazil, such as Google, to ensure that it is easily found by users.

Usability testing: We perform usability tests with Brazilian users to ensure that the project is easy to use and understand for the target audience.

Support: We provide technical support during and after project regionalization, including help with technical issues and guidance on how to use the project.

With our regionalization service, your company can expand the reach of the Web3 project to the Brazilian market and meet the needs of local users.

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